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Chad Reed

Chad Reed image

Tournament Angler
San Diego, CA

Organization: Team Madrugador Sportfishing

Favorite Fishing: Tuna, Dorado, Marlin, Wahoo, Shark

Facebook:  Team Madrugador Sportfishing

Instagram: Madrugador_Chad

Biography: I started fishing around the age of 3.  Most of my free time ever since is related to or around fishing.  I have fished from Alaska to the Bahamas.  Although I’ve been fortunate to have fished all types of Lakes, Rivers and Streams, my passion is Salt Water!  I love the challenge of fishing tournaments.  It is always a learning experience when you reach out and join other fishing enthusiasts and our passion.  I’m happy to report I have a nice collection of trophies, plaques and other memorabilia, from some tournament events.

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