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Jake Pincus

Jake Pincus image

Tournament Angler
Freeport, TX

Organization: Team Mahi

Position: Tournament Captain for Team Mahi

Favorite Fishing: Swordfishing and Deep Dropping

Facebook: Team Mahi Fishing

Instagram: @teammahi

Biography: I have been fishing for about 15 years. I would go on charter trips with my father in Florida when we would visit my grandfather and enjoyed every minute of it. The passion stemmed from living along the coast in Texas. I began shark fishing with some buddies in high school and that slowly grew into Team Mahi today. Our first boat was a 24OS Cape Horn, which we pushed to the limits no doubt. The memories we made on that boat were tremendous. We are currently in the process of building our new 31 SeaHunter and representing them in tournaments along the Texas coast. My passion for fishing stemmed from my father and buddies that I grew Team Mahi with. The most rewarding part about fishing is the memories and stories created 100+ miles offshore

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