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Ruben Ledesma

Ruben Ledesma image

Tournament Angler / Director
Santa Rosa, CA

Organization:  The Simply Fishing Tournament

Position: Creator/Host

Location: The beautiful Sonoma Coast of Northern California

Favorite Fishing:  Lingcod, King Salmon and California Halibut





Biography:  I am a fishing nut! Some of my earliest memories are of when I was around 5 years old. My Dad and I would spend the night at the Berkeley fishing pier in San Francisco Bay in the freezing cold trying to catch Striped Bass.  When I was around 11 my father bought a little restaurant in a small fishing harbor. Spending most of my free time working there, It wasn’t long before I saved up a little money for an inflatable raft and I started fishing around the harbor on weekends and sometimes after school. After a couple of years of catching baitfish for the local anglers and Captains I had the opportunity to start deckhanding  on commercial and charter boats during the summer. By the time I was sixteen I had my first real boat and I was a full blown fishing addict. I continued fishing as often as I could and slowly working my way up the “bigger is better” boating ladder.  In the year 2000 I purchased my biggest boat and soon found myself in that all too common situation of owning a huge hole in the water in which I would constantly throw money.  After about five years of dreading the expense and time it took to maintain and fuel a 13,000 lb, 32 ft dual engine behemoth, I got burned out and lost my passion for fishing.  Luckily you can’t keep a good fisherman down and after a couple years off I began yearning for a return to fishing. Having previously tolerated such huge costs, both environmental and financial, I started looking for another way, a simpler way. I stumbled upon a group of fisherman at who were as passionate as I was about fishing but did it under there own power from a kayak. They welcomed me warmly to the brotherhood of kayak anglers and reignited my passion for the sport.  I fell in love with the much more personal  and immediate style of fishing.  When I fish from my kayak I feel almost as if I am one with ocean, directly connected to the circle of life. In my experience there really is nothing else like it.  And that is how I went from being a fishing nut to being a kayak fishing addict. I hope I never find a cure. 

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